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Complimentary Report Pro Tier I Pro Tier II Custom Plan
Want to see if Visably will be valuable for you?
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$249 / Month
$499 / Month
Your needs don’t fit in a box? Awesome, we’ve got scale and flexibility for you.
  • 500 Tracked SERPs
  • data refreshed weekly
  • delivered directly via csv
  • 76,000+ locations available
  • Mobile & Desktop device options
  • 1,000 Tracked SERPs
  • data refreshed weekly
  • delivered directly via csv
  • 76,000+ locations available
  • Mobile & Desktop device options
Pay Montly $249 / month $499 / month
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Pay Yearly $2,499 / year $4,999 / year
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Search Engine Brand Tracking
Tracked SERPs 500 1,000 Need thousands? Millions? No problem.
Data Update Frequency Weekly Weekly Any Frequency
Competitor Tracking 4 Per Campaign 4 Per Campaign Unlimited
SERP Locations 76,000+ Locations Available 76,000+ Locations Available 76,000+ Locations Available
SERP Device Mobile & Desktop Mobile & Desktop Mobile & Desktop
Search Engine Google Google Google
Data Delivery Visably Data is Currently Only Available as CSV — The Full Web App is Expected in Mid 2022
Campaign Summary Report Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Overview Yes Yes Yes
Search Results Overview Yes Yes Yes
Brand Negative Summary Yes Yes Yes
Brand Positive Summary Yes Yes Yes
Top Sites Yes Yes Yes
Big Box Ecommerce Report Yes Yes Yes
CSV Data Delivery by Email Yes Yes Yes
API Access No No Yes
Account Support 1-on-1 Onboard Meeting 1-on-1 Onboard Meeting Dedicated Account Manager
White Glove Account Setup No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

We accept credit card, ACH, or check payments. Please email with questions or special billing requests.

Our billing is based on the number of SERPs you need tracked. We say SERP and not “Keyword” because a single keyword may be tracked across multiple locations and devices — which results in multiple “SERPS.” Every unique keyword location and device combination is counted as a separate SERP.

How do your contracts work? Is there a setup fee?

We offer flexible month-to-month contracts or annual contracts at a discounted rate (2 months free).

We are glad to provide training and account setup at no additional cost.

My brand is commonly misspelled by others. Do I need to set up different campaigns for each potential misspelling?

No, you may track multiple spellings, punctuations, or abbreviated iterations of your brand within a single campaign.

What if I just need large amounts of SERP Tracking delivered directly to a data repository?

No problem, we can accommodate that within an Enterprise plan. Within our flexible Enterprise program, we can upload your complete keyword list to our system and deliver you updated tracking data via an API on any delivery schedule you choose.

How much extra do you charge per user?

We do not charge per user! We charge on the basis of how many SERPs you need to track. If you need multiple logins for your account, please contact your account support manager.

Do you offer additional search engines?

Within our free “get started” plan, we offer Google (which covers over 92% of all searches globally. PRO plans also exclusively Google, with the exception of Enterprise plans, where we’re happy to accommodate SERP Tracking from additional search engines including Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, or Yandex.

What if I only need 10 keywords? Or what if I need a bazillion?

Visably can scale to accommodate any number of tracked keywords. Our most basic subscription tier allows for up to 250 tracked SERPs. From there, we can scale to accommodate any amount of SERP tracking you need.

How many locations can I actually track in Visably?

We can track very granularly within the USA by zip code, DMA, city, state, county, or city borough. Internationally, we can track by country, region, and most major cities.

Do you have an API?

Glad you ask! Yes, and you’re free to export or integrate as much as you need via our RESTful JSON API. Please contact your account support manager for details.

Are you really based in Wyoming?

We are. Wyoming is a rugged, rural and beautiful landscape of mountains, plains, rivers, forests, and home to the largest mammals in North America. We also happen to think it’s a great place to live and — with high-speed internet access — to work.

Visably Campaigns

A “campaign” is a grouping of related keywords from which overall brand & competitor performance is measured.

Example Campaign:

The fictional brand “Performance Sport” wants to actively monitor its brand distribution and audience reach across a variety of product categories. Performance Sport has product lines in baseball, soccer, football, and field hockey. 

For one campaign, the company selects 50 non-branded keywords that relate to “baseball” products. Visably cross-analyzes the page content within those SERPs to accurate measure where the brand is distributed beyond its own website, how many customers the brand is reaching, and exposes under-leveraged ecommerce and earned media opportunities.

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