How to use Visably for Public Relations Professionals
How to use Visably for Public Relations Professionals

Media list building has never been so targeted. Visably helps you build target PR lists based on which outlets and writers appear at the top of search.

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Step One
Identify a short list of non-branded keywords.

Your keywords should be search phrases that your customers might use to “discover” your brand or product. For example if you were a company that sells fleece jackets, you might be interested to know how your brand ranks for “best fleece jacket” or “fleece jackets for women,” etc.

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Step two
Identify which of your keywords have best potential for earned media.

Not all keywords lend themselves well to PR. Fortunately, Visably makes it easy to identify which keywords populate “informational” results — e.g. “click-to-learn” results that often are PR related.

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Step Three
Review the SERP for gaps in your PR strategy.

Search results may be predictable or they may return unexpected media hits. Either way, Visably will give you a sense of who you should be pitching if you really want to put a lot of eyes on your PR work.

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Step Four
Download the results and get to work.

Visably provides the ability to download the results from each SERP, so you can build lists on which outlets and which writers you should be including on your pitch lists.

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Step Five
Come back and measure how well you’ve done.

Cheers to impressed & happy clients!

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Start measuring your search visibility today.

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