How to use Visably for Digital Agencies
How to use Visably for Digital Agencies

You need to establish a baseline. Use Visably to digitally audit your client’s search engine visibility across a multitude of target keywords.

Know your blindspots.

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Step One
Type in or upload your client’s target keywords to Visably.

(Visably PRO — coming soon — will provide batch upload options for multi-keyword campaign management)

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Step two
Run the Visably SERP Analysis and organize the results.

Visably’s SERP Analysis takes it a step further by identifying brand content across every result on the page and categorizing those results by channel. You’ll quickly be able to see where the gaps are in your search strategy — which media outlets might have been missed and which Ecommerce partners could be better leveraged. Once the individual results are collected and organized, managers can share the targets with their various teams.

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Step Three
Download the results and share with the appropriate teams.

Search results may be predictable or they may return unexpected media hits. Either way, Visably will give you a sense of who you should be pitching if you really want to put a lot of eyes on your PR work.

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Step Four
Track progress and brand visibility month to month.

Visably provides the ability to download the results from each SERP, so you can build lists on which outlets and which writers you should be including on your pitch lists.

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Start measuring your search visibility today.

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