How Visably Defines Our Channels.
How Visably Defines Our Channels.

We know the lines between “Ecommerce” vs. “Brand-Owned” are often blurred. Here’s how we draw the line.

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Segmentation is key

Visably has categorized 5,311,913 domains and counting.

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Paid Media

Search Results that are clearly marked as promoted or paid by the search engine.

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    Earned Media

    Organic Results are categorized as “Earned” when the primary business activity of the website is to publish independent content such as news coverage, opinion, reviews, or other types of journalism.

    Some examples of what we include as Earned Media:
    1. Sites like Medium that facilitate social journalism
    2. News organizations
    3. Scholarly journals
    4. Online magazines
    5. Consumer product reviews
    6. Personal blogs
    7. Company blogs that employ an independent editorial staff
    8. Podcasts
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    Organic Results are categorized as “Ecommerce” when the primary business activity of the website is to resell other companies' branded products and/or services.

    Some examples of what we include as Ecommerce:
    1. Sites that directly resell brands they don’t own. For sites that simply white-label products (ex. non-branded paper products or picture frames, sold under their own brand) we categorize them as Brand-Owned.
    2. Sites that sell used equipment or apparel (ebay, vintage dresses, used-books, etc.) are categorized as Ecommerce, so long as the re-sold brands are distinguishable. For example, if a vintage dress site is not leveraging a brand name within the sale (ex. ‘Halston’ label vs. ‘v-neck 1970’s dress’) then we categorize it as Brand-Owned.
    3. Subscription box services like “Rent-the-Runway” or “Cairn” are considered Ecommerce with the same caveat as listed above (do they white-label or are they selling recognizable 3rd party brands?). On the other hand, a subscription meal service like Blue Apron, in which the ingredients are not listed as recognizable independent brands, is categorized as Brand-Owned. )
    4. Websites that represent a brick & mortar retail operation, while these aren’t expressly online commerce operations, we recognize that the core function of the underlying business is to resell other companies' branded products and/or services.
    5. Real Estate agencies
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    Organic Results are categorized as “Brand-Owned” when the primary business activity is to promote and sell products and services that are directly produced by the business that owns and operates the website. Visably recognizes the resale of white-labeled products and services are categorized as “brand-owned” (picture frames, etc.).

    Some examples of what we include as Brand Owned:
    1. Sites that white label products or services under their own brand identity like
    2. SaaS platforms (cloud-based software being sold as a subscription / service) like Adobe Creative Cloud or Moz .
    3. Manufacturers of consumer goods
    4. Manufacturers of components or parts
    5. Financial services / Insurance
    6. Hotels / Restaurants
    7. Gyms, photo studios, hair salons, and other brick & mortar services
    8. Destination marketing organizations
    9. Non-profit organizations with a recognizable brand or service (such as the Red Cross)
    10. Hospitals, health services
    11. Other owned-services (plumbers, electricians, construction companies, etc.)
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    Organic Results that don’t fall within any of the above categories. Here is a short list of sub-categories that fall within the umbrella category of “Other.”

    Examples of what might be categorized as Other:
    1. Government: Every site with .gov or that of a state or international government.
    2. Educational: Every site with .edu unless it is a sub-domain that would be classified differently (such as an independent blog or scholarly journal).
    3. Reference: Sites that provide dictionary / encyclopedic resources (Wikipedia).
    4. Internet Tool: Calculators, time zone clocks, etc.
    5. Affiliate: Sites whose primary purpose is to provide purchase information but offers no unique editorial commentary or method to purchase directly through the site.
    6. Adult: Pornography / adult content.
    7. Entertainment: Online games and video streaming services that are non-subscription / freely available (subscription based sites would be considered 'Brand Owned').
    8. Political: Non-government political advocacy organizations, political candidates, etc.
    9. Forum: Internet forums or message boards.
    10. Social Media: Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. We also include user-generated video content like YouTube within this sub-category.
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